Order and Contact Information

Visiting the Nursery

To Visit Us other than at an open house, please call for an appointment. Possible days are Thursday through Sunday, including evenings and holidays. (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during shipping season are usually too committed to shipping plants for us to have visitors. Outside of shipping season, Mondays and Tuesdays & Wednesdays are also available.) Please do not arrive without an appointment other than OPEN HOUSE days - You may find the gate locked - or no one available to help you. Thanks

Call 479-293-4359 for an appointment for other times than scheduled open house dates or make confirmed arrangements in email.

Important message-There are no signs indicating our nursery (except at open house weekends) So, if you have made an appointment to visit, please print out OUR MAP so you will know how to get here. If something detains you, or you are unable to make your appointment, I would appreciate a call.


The Pine Ridge Gardens catalog is issued once a year with a fall supplement sent by email (if we have your address) Over 400 species of native plants and nearly 100 species or cultivars of ornamental plants are listed, with brief descriptions and additional information about us. A three-year subscription costs $5, including postage within the continental United States. Order for yourself, or as a gift. Order by E-mail at office@pineridgegardens.com by mail, by fax or by phone.

Order by phone, mail, or e-mail or by fax. Please include name; mailing and shipping address; credit card number and expiration date; phone number; and e-mail. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Customer may print and use the online order blank or use the one in the mail-order catalog.

Orders are acknowledged by e-mail, or mail.

Shipping: Pine Ridge Gardens is a mail-order nursery; we ship UPS to all states except Alaska, Arizona, California & Hawaii

Contact Information
Pine Ridge Gardens
P O Box 200 London, AR 72847
Phone (479) 293-4359
Fax (479) 293-4659
E-mail: office@pineridgegardens.com

This is our only email address if you receive mail from support@, info@ or anything else besides office@pineridgegardens.com, do not respond to it. Apparently someone is using our name.