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You are welcome to print this page and use it to place your order. Please be sure all information is complete, such as name, address & date you want your plants shipped. 
You may place your order now for future shipment.  We will reserve you plants for you!
Date_____________ Week you'd like to receive your plants _____________
Shipping address ___________________________________
City, State & ZIP ____________________________________________Hardiness zone_____
Phone ________________________________
E-mail _____________________________________________

Many plants are available in limited quantities only. With the catalog prepared in advance, things can happen to plants to make them unavailable when you order. If this should happen, do you want:
a refund __    a substitute __    duplicate plants __   (PLEASE CHECK ONE.)

Please advise if SIZE substitutes are not acceptable.

If you wish plants backordered, a separate shipping charge will apply.

Orders are acknowledged by e-mail or snail mail.

  Special Instructions: __________________________________________________
For shipping, we use various materials such as shredded paper or recycled foam peanuts in packing.  If you are adamently against receiving these recycled peanuts, please note on this order blank.  Thank you.

 Name of Plant
 Price each
     Total Plant Cost:
Add Shipping Charges to Above Total
Sales tax is figured after adding the shipping
Basic rate $20.00 plus $2.00 per plant for   ALL STATES EXCEPT THOSE LISTED BELOW.

Washington & Oregon must add $5.00 per plant to the basic rate instead of $2.00. 

Unfortunately, we do not ship to Arizona or California

AR residents - figure your sales tax - State is

6 1/2 %, then add your city tax if any & add your county tax.

For anyone desiring 2nd day air, please ask.

Total plant cost from above ______________

  Basic shipping charge         $20 

Check here to authorize extra shipping charge for oversize plants_________

    Number of plants x $2.00 _____________

Add basic shipping charge to number of plants charge

Total plants plus shipping before tax____________

6 1/2 % SALES TAX AR residents __________ 

Insert your county name________________

Put your county sales tax here __________

If you have city sales tax, 
insert that amount on this line____________


Thank your legislators for making this so complicated

Total Order $__________
For credit card orders, please complete the information below. 

Credit Card Information

To: Pine Ridge Gardens
      832 Sycamore Road(ups address)
      P O Box 200(mailing address)
      London, Arkansas 72847

We treat your information securely and are compliant with the PCI guidelines.

Total Amount for plants ordered  ____________ 

Shipping charges    ____________ 

Total Amount to be charged  ____________

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Name on card_____________________________________Please print

Billing address on card___________________________________________

Card will be charged when order is received in order to reserve your plants for shipment.

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