Seeds we have to Spare (not available until December 2017)

Our seed mostly comes from the nursery or the farm so most of our seed is only available in small quantities.  Sometimes seed may hybridize naturally so  it may not turn out exactly like its parent plant.  And since these are seeds, please keep in mind that there can be color variations.  

TO ORDER:  Print page, check or circle items desired, and mail to Pine Ridge Gardens,   P O Box 200, London, AR 72847 with check, money order.

Name, mailing address, Credit card number (if using), expiration date and Security code.

Shipping charges as follows:  1 to 50  packets   $5.00                    51 to 100 packets $10.00    No shipping charge for seed sent with plant, book or t-shirt order.

You may also email page to me or call with your order.  479-293-4359 or

Latin Name Common Name Packet Size Price # of
Allium cernuum - Nodding onion 50 seeds 3.00

Allium stellatum Glade onion 50 seeds 3.00

Andropogon gerardii Big Bluestem 50 seeds 3.00

Andropogon glomeratus Bushy Bluestem 50 seeds 3.00

Andropogon ternarius Split beard bluestem 50 seeds 3.00

Asclepias incarnata Rose milkweed 25 seeds

Asclepias syriacaCommon milkweed25 seeds3.00
Asclepias tuberosaOrange milkweedout
Asclepias verticillataHorsetail milkweedout
Astragalus canadensis Canadian Milkvetch 20 seeeds 3.00

Berlandiera texana Green eyes 50 seeds 3.00

Blephelia hirsuta Hairy wood mint 50 seeds 3.00

Callirhoe bushii Bush's poppy mallow 50 seeds 3.00

Centaurea americana Basketflower 20 seeds 3.00

Coreopsis tripteris Tall tickseed 50 seeds 3.00

Crataegus marshalliiParsley hawthorn20 seeds3.00
Diospyros  virginianaPersimmon10 seeds3.00
Echinacea pallida
Pale Purple Coneflower
50 seeds

Echinacea purpurea
Purple coneflower
50 seeds

Echinacea tennessensis
Tennesee coneflower
50 seeds

Eryngium yuccifolium Rattlesnake master 50 seeds 3.00

Eupatorium maculatum Sweet Joe Pye 50 seeds 3.00

Eupatorium serotinumLate Joe Pye50 seeds3.00
Helianthus mollis Ashy sunflower 50 seeds 3.00

Helianthus silphioides Rosinweed sunflower 50 seeds 3.00

Hypericum hypericoides
ssp.. hypericoides
St. Andrews cross 20 seeds 3.00

Hypericum prolificum Shrubby St. John's Wort 20 seeds 3.00

Manfreda virginica Arkansas agave 20 Seeds 3.00

Marshallia caespitosa Barbara's Buttons 50 seeds 3.00

Penstemon arkansanus
Arkansas beardtongue
50 seeds


Penstemon digitalis Beardtongue out

Penstemon murrayanus Big red penstemon 10 seeds 3.00

Penstemon tenius Gulf coast penstemon 50 seeds 3.00

Physostegia angustifolia False dragonhead 20 seeds SO

Pityopsis gramnifolia Silkgrass 50 seeds 3.00

Quercus imbricariaShingle oak10 seeds3.00
Ratibida pinnata Grey headed conflower 50 seeds 3.00

Rudbeckia grandiflora Large flowered
black-eyed susan
50 seeds 3.00

Rudbeckia missouriensis Missouri blackeyed susan 50 seeds 3.00

Silene regia Royal catchfly 50 seeds 3.00

Silene stellata Starry campion 50 seeds 3.00

Silphium speciosum Wholeleaf rosinweed 25 seeds 3.00

Sium suave Water parsnip 20 seeds 3.00

Sorghastrum elliottii Slender Indian Grass 50 Seeds 3.00

Sorghastrum nutans Indian grass 50 seeds 3.00

 Tridens flavus v. flavus
50 seeds


Additional Info:

Most wildflower seed will need 3-8 weeks cold stratification.  Some seed is so tiny that the seed appears as dust.  These tiny seed should be sprinkled on top of the soil and preferably bottom watered to avoid the seed being washed to the sides or edges of the tray.

FOOTER, if any.....?